Alphabet Picture Sheet

Learning the alphabet is an essential step on your child's path to learning to read. You can print the above alphabet sheet on your local printer. For best print results, set the printing mode to landscape.

You can also play the ABC song for your child.

Teach your child the alphabet with the following steps:

  • Teach your child the ABC song.
  • Point at the letters as you sing them.
  • Challenge your child to find the pictures -- "Where is the apple?"
  • Challenge your child to find the letters -- "Where is the 'A'?"
  • Ask your child to write the letters.
  • Teach the big letters and the little letters.

Repeat the above steps over a period of months. Keep the lessons fun. You should do many 5-minute sessions rather than long sessions that your child will find boring. It will not be long before your child knows the alphabet.

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