Reading Lesson 2

this is a boy ---->

this is a girl ---->

this is a car ---->

this is an ant ---->

This Lesson

In this lesson we introduce two new words to form a simple sentence -- 'this' & 'is'. Help your child to spell the new words. Point out that 'i' & 's' make 'is' and are also at the end of 'this'. Point out that the end sound of 'this' is similar to 'is' (although it does not actually rhyme, you do not need to dwell on that). You can also point out that 'a' & 'n' spell 'an' and also come at the start of 'ant'. Again point out that 'ant' starts with the same sound as 'an'.

About These Lessons

We have designed these reading activities for children to do with their parents. The parent should lead the child but also encourage the child to participate. Ask the child to spell the words, read the words and combine the words. If there is any input required then encourage your child to type or click the mouse.