Reading Lesson 4

where is the boy ---->

where is the ant ---->

where is the car ---->

where is the girl ---->

This Lesson

This lesson introduces another question word -- 'where'. It also introduces the definite article from the English language - 'the'.

The English language has three articles. The two indefinite articles 'a' & 'an' and the definite article 'the'. They are three of the most commonly used words in the English language. They are also nice short words, which makes them good words for your child to learn early in her reading development.

The rules about when and how to use articles are actually quite complicated. Fortunately, our children learn these rules intuitively so at this stage we do not need to worry about teaching them formally.

About These Lessons

We have designed these reading activities for children to do with their parents. The parent should lead the child but also encourage the child to participate. Ask the child to spell the words, read the words and combine the words. If there is any input required then encourage your child to type or click the mouse.