Reading Lesson 5

What is your name ------->
Are you a boy or a girl ----> boy girl
How old are you ---------->

This Lesson

This lesson introduces several new words. Note we have also started using capitalisation at the start of the sentence. Your child needs to learn that words sound the same whether we spell them with small letters or big letters. You could encourage your child to type her name with a capital first letter but it is not important at this stage.

The lesson has three simple questions that your child should understand. Point out the new words as your child does the exercise. Get her to spell them and repeat them. Show her the similarity between 'you' and 'your'. Show her where the same words appear in different sentences.

About These Lessons

We have designed these reading activities for children to do with their parents. The parent should lead the child but also encourage the child to participate. Ask the child to spell the words, read the words and combine the words. If there is any input required then encourage your child to type or click the mouse.